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Preparing for HOH 2020

I am humbled and honored to be accepted to attend the 13th annual Headache on the Hill in Washington DC this Monday and Tuesday (February 10 and 11th). Headache on the Hill is an annual advocacy event organized by the Alliance for the Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) where patient advocates, professionals, caregivers, and leading physicians go Congress to present our requests or “asks”. 

I’ve already attended an online training session and learned about our “ask,” something near and dear to my heart. I’ve received a refresh on how legislation moves through Congress. I’ve been assigned to a group from NY (there are 3 groups from NY so we can meet with 13 representatives across the state!)

I’m so excited to meet fellow advocates and peers I look up to from Instagram, Facebook and blogs. People I turn to for support when I’m down. People who I turn to for hope, support, and acceptance. People who have helped me come to terms with my diagnosis. People who “get it”. I’m so excited to meet all of them. I feel like a fan girl. 

For now, I’m packing and preparing to spend a fun day with my friend from high school and then I’ll be ready to share my story and advocate for my community. 


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